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Acceptance vs. Resignation

I choose to accept, because it's freeing. And when I can't, I change.

Selfie in the rain, and weather forecast showing low temperature and rain the whole week ahead. Practicing acceptance.
It's end of July, and I'm practicing acceptance :)

Over the weekend I have been practicing #acceptance. And no, by that I don’t mean #resignation.

Resignation is passive, means giving up, losing, and causes negative feelings, like sadness or regret.

Acceptance is a constructive process, and positively impacts the way we feel.

I chose to live in Ireland, an island that is green for a reason. And because rain is part of the life here, instead of ruminating on how awful it is, especially during the summer, how it prevents social interactions and ruins my hair, I accepted it. If I decide I need hot summers I will change the country.

And because I accept it, it doesn’t bother me so much. I even find it funny most of the time now. So, I just took my dog and went outside to play. And I also took with me the wonderful thought of a hot shower and cozy blanket later.

And you know what?

Because I wasn’t focused on hiding and escaping the rain anymore I had fun, and noticed other people. We were greeting each other and laughing at how miserably soaked we look. Here my wet, sad hair was useful!

Even if acceptance is about something you don’t like, it has a freeing effect. It frees you from the desire the circumstances to be something they are not, from the energy draining thoughts about how it “should be”. And gives you space to focus on things that can be changed or, like in my case this weekend, on the positive aspects of the situation.

Acceptance is a choice.

It’s a process of assessing what is really important, letting be what can’t be changed, and deciding to make the best out of the situation.

True acceptance is and feels positive.


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