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Be like a meerkat

Be like a meercat. Be aware what's around you!
Be like a meercat. Be aware what's around you!

I don’t ask you to live in burrows and feed on beetles…

I suggest that you don’t go through your life heads down and focused on one thing, but pop up from time to time and look around...

The image of the meerkat is a perfect visualization of an important topic I want to touch on - oversaturation.

What do I mean by that?

Do you sometimes feel that you are drowning? That you live a life that is boring and filled with things that you don’t want or need?

Many of us tend to define ourselves as a certain type of person and build our lives around it. A family person, a career seeker and workaholic (very often combined) or coach potato and Netflix fan. It’s not always a conscious act. It just happens over time. And we follow the same path, a very narrow one, even when we’re not fully happy.

At some point we get oversaturated. Every day looks the same, we live a Groundhog Day of same tv shows, people and events.

The covid19 lockdown’s impact on mental health is a good example. It shows at large scale how we feel when we lose the main defining part of our life or we stuck 24/7 in it. We become either lost and scared by lack of alternatives or frustrated, exhausted and bored.

In the race for more money and better quality of life we very often fall into a trap. It’s just a slow process so we don’t notice it and, while busy achieving more, new goals, targets and waiting for better future, we oversee the fact that we are alive now and there is so much more.

There are few things that we could do to change it:

Let’s ask ourselves “why”.

Why do I chase more and more money? Why do I want to make career? Why do I spend my days watching tv? Why do I feel so tired and sad?

It requires honesty and self-awareness. Am I bored? Stuck? Why is it the case? What is wrong, missing?

Do you think money will solve all your problems? Look at all the famous, reach people who became depressed in their big, stunning villas during the covid19 lockdown. Their example is showing that just money or fame are not making us happy, don’t prevent us from feeling lonely and frustrated. There needs to be more INSIDE us. We need to spend more time checking in with ourselves and...

...define what makes you happy, what brings you joy and go for it!

It doesn’t matter how trivial the pleasure, hobby, activity may seem to you and that it doesn’t “fit your image". Don’t be ashamed. Passion is precious, it gives energy and has a refreshing effect. And if what you really like doesn't seem to match your current life, maybe it's the time to rethink it? Is it really the life you want to live?

If you like something, do it! Make it your thing and deep dive into it. You will be surprised how refreshing it is and how easy it is to build connections.

Be honest while defining your goals and the way you spend your time.

It’s crucial because, as philosopher Eric Hoffer said, “You can never get enough of what you don't need.” If you’re chasing the wrong things you will never feel satisfied. What really matters is how YOU feel about your choices. Not what others think. Not what they say you should be doing.

Start acting, addressing the “whys”. Let’s stop for a second and check what is there BESIDE the one-goal-chasing and your defined path.

Make an effort to look around. It’s worth it. You may discover that diversity opens your horizons and helps you get better perspective. Many things that seem unrelated teach you something that you can apply somewhere else and you create opportunities to meet people who share your passion! Even small, simple things are meaningful. Jogging makes you stronger and teaches persistence. Joining small theatre group can help you get rid of stage-fright and public speaking anxiety. Drawing or coloring has a calming effect…

I’ve been there and all the above works for me, that’s why I’m sharing it with you. I still have moments when I feel low but I’m smarter now. I choose and chase the right things. I stop more often to check if my direction is still correct or maybe I lost it again in my daily struggles and responsibilities. If yes, I have the chance to correct it and focus again on what brings me joy. And remember, even the smallest things matter. If something brings satisfaction and makes you smile, it’s not too small! It’s worth it.

Try it yourself. And have a great day!


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