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Before you say "yes" to additional responsibilities

You are being asked to take on more responsibilities. The company is cutting costs and “optimizing”, it can also mean layoffs and therefore more to be done with less (people).

You agree (because what other choice do you have, yes?), and work longer hours to decrease the backlog, feel stressed and frustrated but keep quiet because you don't want to be seen as "difficult and uncooperative" and get fired, or hope for recognition and maybe even a promotion. One month, three months, a year…


Now, imagine you continue being this way for another month, year, two years… How does it feel? 


Office cubicles in the dark with 3 people still working
What you say “yes” to, and how you do it, is an investment into your future.

Before you say „yes”, win some time. Time to consider the consequences, and the best way to approach it.


  1. Don’t do it in a rush, based on the first emotions you feel. Ask for time to think about it.

  2. Realize why you want to say “yes”. Are you afraid of losing your job? Reputation? Is there something else?

  • You probably won’t be able to deliver things on time, and you will make more mistakes due to lack of time, and doing things in a rush  – how would THIS impact your reputation and your own feelings?

  • You will work longer hours and neglect your own wellbeing – how will THIS impact your health and motivation? Will you be able to continue like that for long?


What you say “yes” to, and how you do it, is an investment into your future.

Don’t make the decision in a rush. Because it’s you who will need to live with the consequences.


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