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Being a manager: No time to slow down?

Time for reflection is a must, not a nice to have.

Many managers admit that their only reflection time during the week is in a coaching session with me.

At the same time they admit that this time, with the right questions asked, and new perspectives created, helps them make decisions, act and move forward with more confidence and energy.

A man with a briefcase rushing through a big hall
You won't build a good strategy by rushing from one thing to another


It doesn’t matter if you are leading a big team or your own career, doesn’t matter how busy you are and how many things are piling up on your desk – give yourself the permission to schedule and protect a regular reflection time.

Why it’s so important?

  • When you slow down and look around, you see more. Think about this way: How many things you notice when you run vs. when you’re walking slowly?

  • You give your brain the time to digest what’s going on, you get more, and better ideas how to approach it. Think about it: When you drive fast in the new area, with heavy traffic around you, how easy it is to miss your turn?

  • You are a leader, you are responsible for people. When you give yourself the time to think about them, reflect on their behaviors, interpret the signals they give you, you can easier spot the right moment to praise, support, course correct and invest into the right engagement.

  • You are a human being. Prolonged tension and lack of rest impact your mental capacity. When you slow down, you give yourself the chance to regain your focus, energy, build more effective approach.

It sounds almost cliché, but the time we live in keeps it valid – especially now, with so much stress and changes, you need to invest in yourself. Be stronger not only for yourself but also for the people  (and business) you’re responsible for. Slow down to be able to speed up. Then slow down again. And again.


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