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Don't plan to live only during weekends. Monday blues.

I know it’s Monday, I know it’s November, and it makes you feel sad, but still, don’t wish the time away.

Don’t put on hold feeling alive for 5 days every week. Because if you do, you risk operating like a machine even 240 days out of 365 per year! Let’s stop that.

Blue background with a message: "Simple math to help you wake up and (finally) do something about the Monday blues.How many Mondays you wish it were already Friday afternoon?48 working weeks/year x 5 days = 240 days that you wish away..."
If you manage to feel good even during working weeks, you are alive even 240 days more per year!

You can find pleasure and satisfaction even today. Just give it a chance. Make some effort.

Where to start? You can try this:

  • Plan nice, pleasurable moments during the day, every day. It’s your life, even while working! You can plan pleasure too, not only work.

  • When you take a break, take a real break. Focus on pleasurable tasks, switch off your mind for a moment.

  • Make an effort to find a meaning in what you do. Know why you’re doing things, how you benefit from them even slightly. Even if it’s only earning money, strengthen the awareness of what it allows you to do.

  • And limit the b***t tasks whenever you can. Make an effort to optimize, cut, eliminate. Figure out if and when you’re overdoing because of your own perfectionism, fears of missing out or not being perceived as helpful. Clean up, to have space to breathe.

It’s possible to feel alive and good more often than only during weekends and holidays. I know it. That’s what I focus on full time – I help others achieve it, and I witness this changes happening all the time.

The week doesn't need to be all rainbows and unicorns , but it can be filled with good moments. Think about it.


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