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Fast life, constant changes... do we choose?

I was having a chat with my parents, about the layoffs, and the technology jump, when I realized something – even if they live today, they don’t need to give a damn anymore. They read about things and often worry, but they worry because of me, the one who actually lives the current crazy life and needs to figure out the future.

The life is not a straight line anymore, like it was when my parents were building their future.

Today it’s like a rapid river, it slows down only for seconds, and you need to be constantly prepared for the next turn, the next rock or sandbank. You never know what is coming. It’s exhausting.

We go with the crazy flow and learn, change, lookout for danger, adapt, work harder… but how much harder can we work? How much faster? AND are we in the right river?

It’s time to slow down to evaluate the direction the river takes us. Hold on to a rock and dig your heels into the sand for a while to see what is out there. Maybe there is something else, a different river, a stream, a lake… a different version of what we thought is “the way it has to be”?

Slow down to speed up. Take your time before jumping into the next river.

It’s a completely new world now, there is no cheat sheet, and we all need time to figure it out.

Define the ‘what’ and ‘why’ before the ‘how’ and ‘where’. It can help you choose well and stay energized.


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