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How I keep going even when it gets really hard

Selfie of  a woman with a dish filled with raspberries, a garden in the background
Building my dream and enjoying the process so much!

How I stay motivated and keep going and trying, even when it gets really hard?

I dream of a particular future, live now, and use my past experiences as one of the tools to get where I want to be.

I’ve built a very clear picture of what I want to have in my life, how I want to feel, and what I want to be doing. I have been creating the vision slowly, modifying it, coming back to some ideas, and dropping them again.

I’m a deep thinker, and I dissect everything I experience, turn it around, observe how it impacts me and what I can learn from it. I’m also in tune with my body, I learned to listen to its signals and trust it.

It took me years of searching, checking my feelings, responses to events, conversations, other people’s life choices and paths (inspirations or “No, THIS I don’t want for myself”), strengthening my likes and defining dislikes before the vision was fully formed but now, since few years, I know where I’m going.

That’s my lighthouse. It’s there, in the distance, and it will be probably still a long time until I fully get there, but it’s showing me my direction. I don’t get lost with the big things anymore. Yes, I make mistakes, I get into areas where I feel dumb, unexperienced and have much to learn, but those are potential ways of getting there. I may change the “how”, but the “where” stays unchanged.

What do I want?

Collage of garden photos, zucchini flowers, green and red tomatoes on a bush, freshly picked vegetables on a garden table
I'm building it, and I see results!

I want a home that feels like home. I want a job that is my passion. I want to feel and share warmth, connection, encouragement and hope. And it will be there to help others feel that too!

My goal is to have a small house with a piece of land. Create a garden, a meditation and yoga space, a being together space for my family, friends and clients. I want to create a place where they can be themselves, slow down, think, laugh, cry and draft plans. Eat delicious home-made food, talk and brainstorm, have time to appreciate who and where they are…

I made a commitment. I will create that all.


Once I chose my lighthouse, many paths became clear. There are many reasons why I can’t jump into it yet, and I accept that too. I use my time NOW to, step by step, create the basis, learn, test, and build.

And I already have so much!

I’m a coach with wonderful clients. Every day I feel the energy flowing both directions and see powerful transformations happening in their lives and careers.

I have so much corporate and coaching experience that is still expanding, and I want more!

I have a small allotment that gives me my own piece of nature, and the space to learn and test my gardening skills, decide what I want to have when I will have my own land… When the tie will come, I will be ready, more aware and precise in my actions!

I have a warm, cozy, nice apartment, my friendly space for living, being, working and creating….

I still suck at things…

Ugh, it’s painful, but, well, I accept it as a part of the journey.

One of the things is that I want to build an online presence to be there for others at scale, for those who I can’t meet in person. I want to inspire, educate and encourage. I want to share hope and warmth.

My challenge is that… well, I suck at social media strategy, I still suck at being in front of a camera, I’m learning how to use the creative tools… And being so occupied by my coaching sessions, and being a mom, taking care of everything, I have so little time!

It’s painful, it’s been a while since I felt so unsure and so much at the beginning of my journey… but it’s worth it. I know it is, and I won’t stop. The “why”, my lighthouse, is keeping me focused and motivated. I will find a way, I know it, and it's actually exciting to work towards the results. It's about figuring out my way, the way that matches my situation, that is challenging, yes, but at the same time feels right.

I truly believe that everyone can find their path and this kind of motivation. Motivation that is driven by an internal need and desire, so strong that there is just no other choice but to keep going. I believe it. I believe in you.


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