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My journey through job failures. Building resilience.

When I say that I understand how difficult the job search and career building is I don’t mean that I know what YOU are going through.

Everyone has own journey and own context.

Broken plate, blue and white pieces on the ground

I mean that I know first-hand how it feels to struggle and reinvent myself. It’s the first time I really summarized it all, take a look: 

  • After few months in the role I studied for and got my master’s degree in I discovered that it’s not for me. Although I loved some elements, there was plenty that was just not right. So, unexperienced and with little to offer, I needed to find a different job. 

  • I got fired from another job, and it was totally unexpected. I came to the office for my monthly catch-up and reporting, and during the meeting I was told that the company doesn’t want to continue with the role anymore, and that it was my last day… I came with a company car, and needed to take a train back home. I was in shock and felt so humiliated…  

  • One career episode was so short that I didn’t even put it in my CV. I quit after 3 months because the company forgot to mention during interviews that they soon change the office to a remote location, with 2.5 hours driving one way and no public transport available. 

  • I was unemployed for few months, trying to land any job, and hearing that I’m overqualified.  

  • My partner got laid off, and we ended up with one salary that wasn’t even enough to cover mortgage payments. 

  • I moved to a different country when a good job opportunity presented itself. I came to Ireland with one suitcase, very bad English and no money. 

  • I worked my way up the corporate ladder, starting as an IC, through senior, team lead, manager to senior manager, expanding my teams, hiring and rebuilding, thinking that that's how it now will be... But one day I realized that I want to do something else, truly help people, and I quit to change my career again, and become a coach.

  • Then I got hired for a perfect job as an internal coach... and got laid off a year later... 🌳 Today, I’m still coaching, and am damn good at it. Despite and because of everything that I went through, plus all the effort I’ve put into upskilling and becoming the best coach and support for my Clients. I don’t allow the events that I can’t control to break me. I learn from them, shake them off and move forward. Yes, it’s hard sometimes. And sometimes it feels like there is no end to it. But I’m smarter, more resilient and focused than ever before. The resilience comes from deep awareness of who I am am and what I truly want in my life. And I want it so much that there is just no other choice than to keep going, because the alternative scenarios, even if potentially easier and ok, are just that - ok. And I don't want the 'meh'-feeling for the most important elements of my life. 🍀 My message to you: Don’t let your current struggle take control of your life and impact your future. It will pass, and there is always a way.


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