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One cup of coffee away from moving forward

Are you one cup of coffee away from moving forward?

How many times do you get up, take a deep breath and tell yourself, “Now I will do it!”, then decide to make a cup of tea or coffee first… and at some point realize that it’s already evening and you, again, managed to not complete what you wanted to?

How many sleepless nights did you have that followed such a day?

How many cups of coffee, glasses of water, snacks, social media visits and “super urgent” chores do you have per day? Does the number increase when you have something important and stressful to do? Do you say “yes” to too many things?

You can call it procrastination, future thinking, wrong prioritization, stalling…

But you know that they’re not the REASON why you didn’t move forward, yes?

Don’t you think that it’s time to stop the struggle?

You are not alone, we all resist things that seem difficult. The key is how we approach it.

I work with smart, high performing people and they all struggle with it some way. Together we manage to break the bad habits, build accountability and step-by-step approach that works for them. And you can too!

So, start today, not “tomorrow”. Sit with your coffee for a while but then don’t even think about renovating your kitchen or cleaning your mailbox. Write the first points of your presentation instead. Grab your phone and make the call. Reward yourself after, you deserve, you did something that seemed difficult.

Ask yourself, when do you complete the tasks without procrastination? Maybe when you have a close deadline? Or when you break down a big task into clearly defined smaller steps?

What motivates you?

What do you miss out because of your procrastination? What did you miss in the past? How did it feel?

How important is the task for you? Does it bring you closer to your bigger goal?

Imagine that after your coffee you actually started studying for the exam, made the important phone call or prepared the presentation you have been postponing for too long already… How does it feel? Do you feel more prepared? Less stressed? Is the quality of your work better?

There is much more that you can do and believe me, it works! You can try it on your own or contact me and together we can work out the approach that suits you best, and you will have someone who will hold you grounded and accountable for your progress.

Good luck!

Sending you my support,



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