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Use your superpowers wisely. Risks of strengths overdone.

My brain functions on high speed. All the time and in all possible directions. It’s a gift and a curse.

It’s useful in many situations, e.g. while working on complex projects, but sometimes, if I don’t make the effort to tame my thoughts I get lost in potential scenarios and ideas, interrupt myself when telling a story, sidetrack and speak too fast. It’s preventing me from communicating well.

In such situation my strength (quick and multidirectional thinking) is useless if I am not able to deliver my idea the right way.

Did you know that strengths (your superpowers), if pushed too far, used in the wrong situation or with lack of awareness can turn into a weakness?

Yes, that’s possible.

That’s why I invite you to add to your list of strengths and weaknesses also the ‘strengths overdone’.

Because if you know it, you can do something about it.

Still not sure what I’m talking about?

Just take a look at the below example. Do you see the pattern?

  • You build great relationships. It's a gift. But did you ever feel overwhelmed by the number of people coming to you for advice/help? You have difficulties in saying "no"?

  • You love brainstorming and diverse perspectives on board. Did you ever get caught up in parts of the projects that you enjoy doing (e.g. brainstorming with people) and missed the deadline?

  • You are a great learner. Do you spend more time studying than necessary to complete your projects?

  • Are you a high achiever? How much do you expect from yourself and others? How does it affect you and people around you?

  • Result oriented? Do you get impatient and pushy, want things done immediately, even if they’re not urgent?

The conclusion may be a little bit lame, but it fits well in the context of the picture I created for this post 😊

There is a Marvel superhero Cyclops (yes, yes, I just googled him) who emits powerful beams of energy from his eyes, and he needs special eyewear to control it. Be like Cyclops and use your superpowers wisely. They’re great when you control them and use them consciously.

Sending you my love,



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