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We are not this or that. We are beautiful and powerful in our complexity

Weak or strong? Sensitive or professional? Here, a simple math is not enough. Seeing yourself and others through only one lens is wrong because it makes us overlook the full potential we (and others) have. We are unique, multifaceted. It’s the combination that makes us great.

Quote of John Maxwell, “If you want to change and grow,  then you must know yourself and accept who you are before you can start building.”
If you learn to look at yourself and others as a complex, whole beings, you will discover so much potential!

There are people who see only one side of me, the Barbara who gets things done, is highly skilled, fast in making decisions, resilient and often so confident in her approach, they perceive me as strong. I hear it often.

But there is also another side, the fragile and soft side that until recently I kept very private. I tried to hide it and allowed it to come to the surface mostly when I was alone. I see this part of me as a soft core, surrounded by all the strong capabilities, skills, analytic and highly rational thinking.

I cried when the TikTok’s chicken fetus Kevin Beakon didn’t make it past day 16. I take care of my flower bouquets, cutting off old leaves, changing water, just to keep them alive as long as possible. Few years ago I switched to an artificial Christmas tree because seeing the natural tree slowly dying in my house was making me sad. That’s why I probably also love upcycling things so much. Knowing that I give something a second life brings me joy. To me, everything has a soul in some way.

At the same time, when there is work to be done or things don’t go as planned, I stay calm and analytical. I can see the big and small picture, can plan and execute, and am mostly successful in my approach. I had and have a fulfilling career, can navigate social and business interactions, created financial stability, bought a house… This doesn’t overwhelm me, challenges make me more focused, decisive and energized.

And then, I often need time for myself. My home is mostly silent, no music, no tv. There is no clutter, lots of white colors, wood, and green plants.

I know myself now. And I never stop learning. I’m not ashamed of my soft core anymore. Because this combination of analytical and empathetic, knowledgeable and sensitive makes me successful.

I learn how to nurture my personality, how to keep myself energized, and when it is time to slow down. I listen to my body, and check in on my mind and mental state.

I know what I want to achieve, and use my self-awareness to achieve it the way that is good for me. I consciously create the right environment, connect with wonderful people, and learn to be compassionate and forgiving towards myself.

And because I managed to do it, I believe that everyone can too. Because I’m not special, I’m not a superhero. I’m a normal person with good and bad days, strengths and flaws. I just managed to expand my awareness, and using it I create supporting, right conditions for myself.


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