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What is it you truly desire?

“What is it that you truly desire?”

Everyone who knows the TV series “Lucifer” heard Lucifer Morningstar asking this question and getting surprising answers.

A coach has a similar gif, it’s just less creepy.

Are you hiding (even from yourself) what you truly want?

Every day, more or less consciously, we tell ourselves stories to justify the things we do and choices we make. Goals that we pursue, recognitions that we think are important, steps we take or don’t take, out of fear of being different, looking silly, not successful, not visible enough.

And then days start to feel more and more…blah.

Do you really want that?

What if you could rediscover your passion? Change your approach as a leader or team member and feel energized again? Understand what is good for you and start feeling that you are on the right path?

My passion is empowering others. It was difficult, very difficult to gather the courage and leave what I was doing for a long time, what felt comfortable because was known and paid my bills, but what didn’t give me the satisfaction I wanted.

I did it because it’s worth it. Because I wanted to be able to use what I’m good at for the best cause. The biggest reward for me is working with others and see their energy growing. Having meaningful, focused and constructive conversations. Challenge the

ir thinking and see their eyes lighting up with the ‘aha’ realizations.

I help others discover what they truly desire and support them in gathering the strength and motivation needed to start changing their approach. I help them see behind the stories they tell themselves every day. I help find out what they really want in life and career, and redirect their efforts.

Let’s talk. It’s a good start.

Sending you my love,



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