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Why you should write your own CV instead of having someone doing it for you

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I know, you hate it, it’s difficult to use the right language and speak about your achievements and skills a powerful way. It feels cringy and often fake. But that’s exactly the reason!


I’m a Career Coach and I don’t offer CV writing service. Instead I work TOGETHER with my Clients on helping THEM think and write about themselves the right way.

Yes, often we write and re-write the CV together, but it’s part of a bigger process – discovering and acknowledging all the useful and great things that they did and contributed to, recognizing themselves in the profile they created, believing in themselves and showing up with confidence and energy during interviews.


Why writing own CV is so important?

  • It helps you build the awareness of role expectations – you know what the company is looking for, therefore you know what is important to demonstrate and speak about.

  • It helps you reflect on and recall everything that makes you a good candidate for the role - your experience, achievements, contributions etc.

  • Rewriting your CV to make it sound as strong as possible helps you learn to think and speak about your value differently, with more powerful vocabulary, more confidence and with matching examples to tell your story.

  • It prepares you for interviews – having the thinking and groundwork done on your CV you have now ready-to-use examples you can deep dive into during interviews, there will be no surprises (what can happen if someone else wrote the bullet points for you) and no awkward search for something to say.

  • And, a bonus value - it teaches you how to think and talk about your achievements after you land a job – brand building, performance conversations, development plans, growth planning, it’s all similar to you building a brand while searching for a job.

There is no harm in using templates and copy things from other good resumes. Just don’t skip the reflection and rewriting part, make it yours. You will thank me later 😊

Here you can download a ATS friendly CV template:

ATS friendly CV template
ATS Friendly CV template

CV template_new
Download DOCX • 19KB

If you need help, I’m here. We can work together during your whole journey, brainstorming the best approach, helping you through all the stages of the job hunt and interviewing process, allowing you to feel confident and energized.


And if what you need is an inspiration, a template, a quick-start guide through best practices in job search, cv writing and interviewing, check my Self-paced Guide for Career & Job Change:

Banner for a Job & Career Change Self-Paced Guide

Good luck!


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