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„You are not a manager material.” - what others tell you and what is true

You are not a manager material.” One of my bosses told me that around 9 years ago. I still carry it with me.

The funny thing is that it was meant to be a positive message, he was impressed by my organizational skills and professionalism in my current role. In his eyes I was just great in what I was doing and therefore should not even waste my energy on thinking about anything else. And I didn’t. I humbly accepted it and for years it didn’t even occur to me as an option I could aim for. I was good as individual contributor and it was my place.

I still remember my other conversation, few years later, Director of EMEA Customer Success in Adobe asked me if I would be interested in a manager role. I told her I’m not sure if I’m a manager material.

She said: “Yes, you are. And what you don’t know you will learn. It will be tough but very rewarding!” And she was right!

People touch your life.

But they don’t decide about it. You do.

It’s up to you what you take from their opinions, they may be wrong. Choose wisely.

Choose people who inspire you, who recognize your potential and take you out of your comfort zone to help you grow.

You change all the time. Things are possible. And the best direction is tough but rewarding... :)


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