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You want to win the lottery. But did you buy a ticket?

Do you know the story about a guy who prays in a church to a statue of a saint, asking, "Please, please, help me win the lottery!"? He does it for months, until one day the statue comes to life and says, "Please, please, buy a ticket!"

You have dreams. You want to feel fulfilled at your job, have a loyal, high-performing team, time for yourself and your close ones, your hobbies... You dream that one day you will have it all but somehow, in the daily rush, nothing feels complete.

You then start to think, "I try to cope with everything the best way I can but I have so many responsibilities! It’s all eating up all of my time and I’m running in circles here. Maybe it will change one day.”

Well, if you want to win a lottery, you need to buy your ticket. Do something.

Act. But act smart. Review your priorities (you may discover that there are too many) and make an effort to prevent yourself from burning out in the process of getting there.

I know, it is easier said than done, but it’s possible.

And I hear you, I’ve been there myself. Drowning under all tasks that required my attention - trying to be a good mom, homeschool, and have a perfect home while being 110% in my job where I was responsible for a team of great people in the middle of an important engagement model change for a 120 Million dollar customer portfolio… And I needed to rest too.

So, I ended up exhausted and frustrated; it has become too much and nothing was done the way I wanted. I kept running from one task to another, buried in processes and follow ups, I didn't have enough time for my son or my team members. So many things needed my attention! At some point I didn't allow myself any "me-time", it seemed like a waste of precious time.

One night, when I woke up (again) on a couch at 1 am, with my clothes still on because I just fell asleep where I sat down for a minute, I realized that it’s not a life I want for myself. I fell into the trap of wanting too much too quickly and not prioritizing well.

I didn’t sleep that night. I took a shower and sat down at the kitchen table with a big cup of coffee, a pen and piece of paper. I wrote down everything that I was doing and everything I wanted to achieve. And I drafted a plan. How?

I asked myself:

Step 1: What is really important to me? What do I want to continue doing or start doing in the future?

Step 2: How do I spend my time now?

Step 3: How do I create space for the important things? How do I prioritize?

• What from it is necessary and/or makes me feel happy?

• What is necessary but boring?

• What can I do less of/optimize?

• What can I stop doing?

• What should I start doing?

Step 4: What help do I need? What do I need to ask for? And whom?

It helped me realize few very interesting things:

  • I have space for two, three main priorities only. And need to build my days and actions around them.

  • There were few activities that I could skip or spend less time on.

  • Good enough is…good enough! Not everything needs to be done perfectly, especially if it’s not on the main priorities list. I can’t be 100% in everything and idealistic Instagram vision of quality is not the right measurement. If I spent half of the current time on the tasks, they would still get done. And it’s enough!

  • I needed to give up on some ideas or reshape them into more feasible goal (to move it to the “Main priority list”)

  • Some goals can be achieved later. Sometimes slower is better. Gathering experiences and preparing for next steps is a process that shouldn’t be skipped, it gives me time to evaluate the situation, possibilities and requirements.

  • Rest and “doing nothing” moments are important. They need to be part of the plan. I can't keep collapsing this way. This time is not wasted – gives my body and brain time to regenerate and helps slow down the racing thoughts.

  • I can't do everything alone, and I need proper tool to be successful. It meant that I needed to review if I have what I need and if not, asking for support. Especially at work, success is not only up to me.

There was much more, I told you I didn’t sleep that night, but the above points reflect the main thinking

process. Do I now stick to my 1 am plan? Not always, I still get sidetracked sometimes, but I’m developing the habit of stopping and adjusting. Did it help? Yes. It took me even further than I imagined was possible.

I bought my lottery ticket and I won. By taking step back, reaching out for help and carefully planning my next steps, I created for myself the opportunity to do what I love. And be who I wanted to be.

I now help teams, their managers and ambitious, passionate individuals with their transformations. I use all my experience, knowledge and skills to serve powerfully and make a difference in people's lives. I chose this and created a space, my space, where I have enough time and can give my full attention to my close ones and clients. I won my lottery.

If you are struggling with you own transformation and would like to have a chat, feel free to contact me. Sometimes one conversation is exactly what is needed to move forward.

Buy your lottery ticket, and good luck!



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