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Your past doesn't define you. You define you.

I grew up in a small Polish village. Really tiny, ca. 220 people, surrounded by fields, forests, lakes and rivers. It was a beautiful childhood, but it also meant that the “real life” and “big things” were happening somewhere else, to other people. And it was scary to even think about going out there.

I was carrying with me my social anxiety and all the limiting believes of an introverted village girl that knows little, is awkward and naïve. I also believed that many things are out of my reach.

But I was curious, ready to try new things and see where they will lead me next. Even if it meant constantly facing my fears and overcoming the feeling of being less, knowing less than others around me. I intuitively knew that if I let my automatic thinking take over, I will miss out on opportunities to live an interesting life. And I worked.

- I never thought I would speak a foreign language. I now speak two, and have a master’s degree in German Philology.

- I never thought I could leave Poland and live somewhere else. Ireland is my home now.

- I never thought I would be a people manager. And I was told that I’m not a manager material. I led a wonderful international team, responsible for a portfolio of customers worth over $120M.

- I never thought I could have my own business, be independent and make a living doing things I love. I now successfully help others find their own path, feel empowered and reach out for what thy want in their lives.

I have an emotional reaction to people saying that I achieved it because I’m courageous, talented or was in the right place at the right time. It undermines all the difficult decisions I needed to make, effort, tears and struggle that have been part of the journey.

I created my life. There was no magic wand. And you can too. Open yourself for possibilities and try. Step by step.


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