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You are sharp and effective.
You get things done.
But you are not yet where you want to be.

It's time that you start creating a life and career
that feel right.

It's time to decide what you want and define how to get there.

What is it that you want?

Live YOUR life, the way that feels good to YOU?

Feel energized when you wake up, and look forward to the day?

Have a job that gives you what you need - satisfaction, stability, fulfillment, money?

Grow, feel respected and valued?

Not having to be productive all the time?

Not feeling guilty for taking a break when you need it?

Be surrounded by things that bring you pleasure and joy?

Be with people who impact you in a positive way?

Be successful the way that feels right and good to YOU?

All of it?

Then do something to have it all. Be where you want to be.

My offer

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Guide for Career & Job Change

Securing a new job and making the desired progress in your career or deciding what to do next to change your path is a demanding process, often frustrating and filled with doubts. This program will allow you move in the desired direction with confidence that you cover all that is needed in the job hunt and application process, and use all the available opportunities to increase your chances for success.

It's a step-by-step guide through all the phases of job change: from awareness building (what and why I want to change, what can I change to, what motivates me and why, what change can I afford), though practical preparation: CV template and CV writing tips, application tracker, mental and practical preparation for interviews and the specifics of the interviewing process, as well as stories and practical tops for building resilience, motivation and persistence, so needed in the whole job hunt and career change process.

My key 1:1 Coaching programs

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Life & Career Transformation 

Making the desired progress in your career or deciding what to do next to change your path is a demanding process that requires energy, positive mindset and resilience, but also a structured, planned approach that will allow you move in the desired direction with confidence.

Step by step, together we make you stronger, more confident and energized - from building awareness of the desired change, your situation analysis and best approach definition, through addressing your limiting beliefs and imposter syndrome, to learning how to present yourself strongly in your CV and during interviews. 

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Aware & Empathetic Leadership

Equipping you to lead with impact

This deep-dive, powerful 1:1 coaching program is individually tailored to your situation as a leader.

It is designed for  professionals on the path to leadership and existing managers who want learn the most effective leadership and team management tools and lead with more impact, build connection, respect and inspiring collaboration within their teams.

Leaders who want to develop effective strategies to grow the business

and  powerfully support  and empower their team members

Leaders who want to like what they're doing , and feel in the right place.

Success Architect

Barbara possesses emotional intelligence that I've never seen anyone else do. She is genuinely interested in people and gets along with absolutely everybody. Barbara was coaching me as I started in my role at Salesforce. She helped me grow into this new role and supported me in defining boundaries and setting priorities.

Implementation Manager

Barbara helped me a lot to bring my energy back, to believe again in myself. She helped me to organize my thoughts just by asking me the right questions. She is always creating a great atmosphere, a comfort zone in which you feel really supported and understood. I recommend all my contacts to start coaching sessions with Barbara at any time, not only if you are having a difficult moment but also if you need to find the inspiration for a challenge or if you want to change something in your professional life.

Customer Experience Manager

I worked with Barbara over the course of a few months for Customer Success and career coaching. In every session she was focused, attentive, compassionate and action-oriented. 
She has the professional experience to add context and examples when answering questions about your career, then balances those insights perfectly by asking about your feelings under the surface of your question. She blends the emotional and professional in a compassionate, proactive way.


Barbara has a really natural ability for making a person feel capable of achieving anything. She has a fantastic presence which feels relaxed and warm, and during a difficult time in my personal life Barbara demonstrated deep empathy and compassion, holding space for me to make sense of any challenges while still showing me that she believed I was capable of greatness and keeping me focused on my goals.

What people who trusted me with their journey
say about their experience

I had the pleasure to work with  Professionals and Leaders from companies like 

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