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Barbara Januszewska, Personal, Leadership and Career Transformation Coach
I see, feel and care deeply. 

I learned to turn it into my strength and build a fulfilling, energizing life and career around it.

As a coach, I have a unique point of view - a combination of over 16 years of experience in business and corporate world, as IC and people manager, with empathy and coaching knowledge resulting from hundreds of coaching hours in my practice.

I am here for and with my Clients, smart, multilayered, complex human beings who decided to shake off what limits and holds them back, and build a life and career that feels good every day, even when it gets difficult.

I know first-hand how difficult it is to reinvent your life, your role, your journey. Especially when you feel and think differently than people around you, and when others know better how you should live your life.



Many things scared and overwhelmed me in my life. But I kept believing, searching, questioning and finding new ways.

I found a way to be happy, to live a life that feels good, is filled with pleasure and satisfaction, with energy, curiosity and meaningful connections.


I'm a single mother. I'm a professional, leader and coach. I'm an introvert, HSP and empath. I live abroad, and needed to rebuild my life multiple times. It gets hard sometimes. But I know what I want, why I want it, and how I want to live. I know myself, listen to my own needs, and that's my superpower. I am happy. And I want you to feel happy too.

I learned to listen to my own needs, and put my oxygen mask on first. Because I know that by being happy I am the best version of myself, for myself, and everyone around me. Self-care, pleasure and joy give me strength to keep going, and the way I keep moving forward feeds my happiness... I created a positive cycle for myself. And as a coach, I help my clients achieve the same for themselves.   

What else should you know about me?

Nature calms me, so I create my own piece of nature

I had the pleasure to work with Professionals and Leaders
from companies like 

Adobe logo - Coaching Client
Microsoft logo - Coaching Client
Salesforce logo - Coaching Client
Warner Bros logo - Coaching Client
Mars logo - Coaching Client
Deloitte logo - Coaching Client

And if you like cv-style experience description:​

  • Over 8 years hands-on in Customer Success, including leadership positions

  • Manger of international Customer Success Management teams with SaaS customer portfolio of $140M ASV

  • Customer Success Coach, Mentor and Leadership Strategy Consultant

  • Corporate Coach (Leadership Coach, New Hire Onboarding and Empowerment Coach, CSM Mentor and Success Coach)

  • Accredited Personal, Leadership and Executive Coach, Corporate Wellbeing Coach and Career Coach

I wish you good luck on your own journey!



I believe that you can embrace who you are and be successful. 

With hundreds of coaching hours, deep conversations and powerful changes observed I KNOW that you can  choose who and how you want to be - and you can make it happen

I have over 16 years of experience in leadership and business, including marketing, sales and Customer Success. Over the years I learned how to embrace being myself in a business world, and I now help others find their own fulfilling path where they can be themselves and achieve the success they want.


I believe that knowing who you really are, what makes you happy on a daily basis, and going for it is often hard work but it's possible, and that's where resilience and true happiness are coming from.

Barbara Januszewska Advanced Diploma in Personal, Leadership and Executive Coaching
Barbara Januszewska Diploma in Corporate Wellbeing Coaching
Barbara Januszewska Diploma in Career Coaching
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