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Image by Goutham Krishna

You are sharp and effective.
You get things done.
Yet, something is missing...

You are aware, you know that there is more in life than what you have now.

You are ambitious. You know that there is more in life than what you have now.

You want to achieve something meaningful, and go through your life feeling satisfied, valued and fulfilled.


Life to you is more than just work.

You want to have it all, and in the right balance - you want to feel successful, but don’t want the work to be the center of your life. You want more than that.

Your success is earned, not given.

You worked hard to get where you are today, fight challenges, remove obstacles, change, redesign. You are smart, resilient, and forward looking.

You get things done. When you find the right motivation, you don’t stop until you make things happen.

You do a lot, and are successful in most of your projects - for your company, family, and friends. People know that they can count on you, and often come to you for help. And you rarely say “no”.

You often work too hard. And you know it.

You are not afraid of hard work, actually, it’s difficult to imagine you being passive, or doing things half-heartedly.

And because you know what can be done, you take on a lot of responsibility. You get the job done. Most of the time to a very high standard. But it costs you a lot, and sometimes you feel tired, want out.

You work hard. You get things done.
You know what is good for you, you just often don't have time to give it to yourself.

You know what is good for you. You just often don’t have time or enough motivation to do it.

You are aware that good health is important, yet still, you eat unregularly and in a rush. You go to the gym or jogging, but at the same time you overwork, overthink and don’t sleep well… You smile ironically when “wellbeing gurus” tell you to spend hours preparing fancy snacks, wake up at 4 am to start your day with a series of meditation, yoga and tai chi. You have a normal life to live.

You’re open minded and skeptical at the same time.

You are curious and open to new things, perspectives and experiences, at the same time you have your own opinions, you know life, you are not naïve.

You feel uncomfortable when people compliment you. You don’t feel special.

There is often this duality in your feelings - you want your achievements to be recognized, but at the same time you feel that what you do is not so extraordinary, not as great. That "everyone could do that". You always compare yourself to the ones who are further ahead than you. 

You usually don’t ask for help. You don’t need help, you can do everything alone.

And yes, it’s true. You can survive and be well without help. But sometimes you miss having someone who would take care of you for a change, someone who you could share the real you with. Someone who would listen without judgment, believe, and challenge you to help you keep going feeling energized and focused.

You feel uncomfortable when people compliment you. You don't feel special.

So, what is missing?

Let me ask you:

Where are YOU in all this? How often do you pay attention to YOUR OWN pleasure as you go through your days?

How do you define your own success? Does it bring you happiness?


Something tells me that pleasure in your life is a “nice to have” or a reward that needs to be earned, when everything else is done and taken care of.

Pleasure, self-care, ensuring that your needs are met is not something that occupies you on a daily basis. It goes even further - you may even think that aiming for pleasure, peace of mind and comfort, and seeing it as one of your main goals is selfish... That you should have a bigger goal, higher purpose in life.

What if I told you that it's not "this-OR-that"? That you can have it all - purpose, ambitions AND feeling good, calm and happy on a daily basis?

Does this thought move something in you? Then it's time for us to talk.

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