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Aware & empathetic Leadership
Equipping you to lead with impact 

This coaching program is designed for managers who want to lead with more impact, build connection, respect and inspiring collaboration within their teams. Managers who want to develop effective strategies to grow the business while supporting their team members. Managers who want to like what they're doing , and feel in the right place.

This deep-dive, powerful 1:1 coaching program is individually tailored to your situation as a leader.


It can focus on (but is not limited to) the following areas:

  • Developing self-awareness for optimal growth and balance

  • Individual vs. external success definition and metrics

  • Strategy building and leading through change

  • Motivation and energy

  • Leadership tools

    • strategic people development and empowerment,

    • 1:1s, check-ins, development plans

    • building connection and motivation within the team

    • feedback conversations

    • difficult conversations

    • curiosity based, coaching leadership style

    • leader/mentor/coach/dictator/partner

    • expectations vs. agreement in leadership

  • Giver, people pleasing, and healthy boundaries

  • High expectations, deep thinking, and their impact on achieving results

  • Internal and external brand building and impact

  • How to lead sensitive, empathetic team members

  • Leading after layoffs

  • Individual wellbeing and preventing burnout

Up to 15 hours of individually tailored coaching, brainstorming and strategy building 

Your investment: 2700 EUR + vat

Aware& Empathetic Leadership

- Leadership & Executive Coaching Program

I had the pleasure to work with Professionals and Leaders from companies like 

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