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How to stay positive and empowered when facing a challenge

Layoffs. Work backlog. Reduced resources. Constant changes. It’s scary. 
It seems almost impossible to stay positive and enjoy life. But there is a way.

We can dissect everything that happens around us into 3 groups: 


1. Things that will (or potentially can) happen, doesn’t matter what we do.

2. Things that we can control, that are fully in our power.

3. Elements of the situation that we can use, make better influence.

It’s an energy ⚡ and focus distribution exercise.
It will help you realize that there is plenty you can do, despite the situation.

✅ Use number 1 as your road signs – they show you directions, and warn you of potential hazards.


✅Use number 2 for decision making – you can only control your own actions and decisions, so, how will you approach the journey ahead of you? 

What do you decide to do? Stay passive, let the fear paralyse you, or reflect and make the best out of the situation?
How can you take care of yourself to regain energy, with whom you can connect, what brings you joy, what do you need?
Do you need a break? More physical exercise to get rid of the negative energy? Or a quiet environment that helps you process? Listen to yourself.

✅Number 3 shows you all the opportunities, support system, gaps and elements worth investing in, course correction needs and focus areas. 
Here, it’s a place to create action plans, pick what’s worth investing in to help you stay safe, create opportunities, and build your confidence that you can do it. 

Because you can. 

Friends you can (re)connect with, education opportunities, trying new things, dropping unproductive efforts, breaking down big things into small steps that don’t feel so overwhelming… 


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