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Purpose Driven Career Coaching

Making the desired progress in your career or deciding what to do next to change your path is a demanding process that requires energy, positive mindset and resilience, but also a structured, planned approach that will allow you move in the desired direction with confidence.

My role as a Career Coach is to help you during your journey - with defining your goals and desired career path, discovering and embracing your strengths, values and experiences, creating an outstanding, powerful CV and preparation for a successful interview.


Step by step, together we make you stronger, more confident and energized!

Purpose Driven Career Coaching

There may be one or few scenarios that apply to you:

  • ​You feel that you're in the wrong place and would like to change

  • You question the meaning of what you do, many tasks seem unimportant and empty

  • You feel that there is something more, greater and more satisfying that is waiting for you but you don't know yet what it is

  • You  react to events instead of taking control of your career

  • You often feel like an imposter, not good enough, and are afraid that others will notice it

  • You don't know how to communicate for impact

  • You say "yes" to too many things and then lose yourself in the process of satisfying the needs of others

  • You fight anxiety or even burnout

  • You overthink almost everything and keep yourself occupied almost all the time

  • You procrastinate and/or get lost in details, aim for perfection and struggle with getting things done

  • You want to feel energized and motivated again 

1:1 Coaching

The 1:1 coaching can include (but is not limited to):

Empowerment for change coaching:

  • support in finding and defining your desired career path

  • building confidence and energy for successful approach

  • increasing awareness of your strengths and experience to use them in your career progression

  • effective communication

  • finding and effectively using opportunities

  • approach strategy building - what, why, when and how

  • getting noticed while being yourself

  • navigation in new environment

  • approach strategy building for planned, efficient development


Job search and interview coaching:

  • CV and job portal profiles optimization

  • realizing what you really have to offer - embracing your uniqueness 

  • optimizing the way you think and talk about your achievements

  • interview preparation/role play

  • presentation preparation and professional delivery

  • energy and confidence building for powerful interview

Single session: 170 EUR

Career Coaching package: 450 EUR
Package includes:
- 3 x 60-minute coaching sessions
- LinkedIn Profile optimization suggestions
- CV, CL, presentation review
- Communication, advice & improvement suggestions between the sessions

- Free access to Practical Guide for Career & Job Change


Life & Career Integration package: 1100 EUR

3-months and up to 8 hours of individual life & career coaching

- Free access to Practical Guide for Career & Job Change

Assisting you in shaping your career and integrate with your personal life, brainstorming, dealing with challenges and adjusting your approach as things develop


Tailored to your needs, focused on your dreams and a path to get there.

Together, we analyze your current situation and empower you for successful action! 


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Would you like to check if we could be a good fit for each other? 

Use the button below to register for an introduction session. 


I promise, you will be fully in charge of what happens next. There will be no sales pitch, no marketing fluff, no emails chasing you afterwards.  Just an honest and open conversation.

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