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Practical Guide for Career & Job Change

About this Guide

The Guide is a great starting point for everyone who is considering a career change, is looking for a new job and wants to do it in a good, effective and structured way to increase the chances for success. It's a step-by-step guide through all the phases of job change: from awareness building (what and why I want to change, what can I change to, what motivates me and why, what change can I afford), though practical preparation: CV template and CV writing tips, application tracker, mental and practical preparation for interviews and the specifics of the interviewing process, as well as stories and practical tops for building resilience, motivation and persistence, so needed in the whole process. Securing a new job and making the desired progress in your career or deciding what to do next to change your path is a demanding process, often frustrating and filled with doubts. This program will allow you move in the desired direction with confidence that you cover all that is needed in the job hunt and application process, and use all the available opportunities to increase your chances for success. I’m an accredited Personal and Career Transformation Coach with over 17 years of first-hand experience in business, leadership, hiring, and people empowerment. In this Guide I consolidated my knowledge and experience to help you during your journey. It's very practical, without unnecessary fluff. The program focuses on: ✅ Self-awareness building for best decision and career path planning ✅ Defining your goals and desired career path (roles, companies, areas) ✅ Practical steps and templates to create an outstanding, powerful CV and LinkedIn profile ✅ Tips, examples and approaches helping you mentally and practically prepare for successful interviews ✅ Tips how to prepare for and answer some of the most common interview questions ✅ ...and how to keep going when it gets difficult (frustration, procrastination, exhaustion, self-compassion, resilience)

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